Monday, December 3, 2007


Had an eventful weekend... Friday, Kelly & I went downtown to get our race stuff. I didn't know that this was her first race. She enjoyed it. Amy, a friend from work, rode with us. I finished at roughly 36 minutes. I intended to do better, but I stepped in a hole right after Mile #2 and my knee was hurting the rest of the race. I had to walk for a little bit, and I couldn't recover. Oh well... I know I can do it on a treadmill!! Kelly and Amy were about 3-4 minutes behind me. Here are pics...

Me & Kelly

Me & Amy

Also on Friday, Kelly & I went to this Christmas show called "made in the south." It was a "flea market" like show at the fairgrounds. Vendors were selling Christmas decorations and other homemade things. It was really cool. I bought a wooden hand carved Christmas ornament, shaped like Mississippi, with cotton and a steamboat carved inside. There was also someone there selling fudge... It was SO GOOD!! We both got some. Kelly found a lot of things for Christmas gifts too. We were both hungry when we got there and filled up on dip, soup and sauce samples! Fudge was dessert!!

On Sunday, I caught up on my Dirty Jobs episodes! (I love Mike Rowe!!) I haven't been able to watch them on a regular basis because I started Alias again during my first surgery and was determined to finish it. I did finish it last week and began watching LOST season 2 again. I finished it off this weekend as well. SEASON 3 comes out next Tuesday!!! I pre-ordered it off amazon six months ago! I can't wait!!

Wes and I are more than ready for a vacation!

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