Saturday, December 29, 2007

I survived....

Well, I'm still alive. Not kickin' though.... Surgery went pretty well. I think it's a bit harder this time because it's my right foot. I think I rely on my right side more than my left. Anyway, Thursday was rough. When I had the first surgery, I doubled up on the pain medicine. This time I didn't and around 3pm on Thursday, I was in terrible pain. It was true torture!!! I then doubled up and took the wrap off and immediately I felt relieved. Yesterday, I had a terrible headache. It took forever to fall asleep. Wes is taking good care of me. Unfortunately, he is sick with a head cold. I feel bad for asking him to do things for me, because he is sick. But he has been great! Now, I can get up and down the stairs and to the bathroom by myself (by hopping and "scooting' up the stairs).
Pete came by last night to check on me. Kelly went to Virginia this weekend to visit her mom and friends. This is the first time she's been there since moving here. She'll be back on Sunday. So, now I'm sitting here by myself and watching TV. I'm going to watch LOST again. But Girl, Interrupted is on FX. I'm watching it right now.
So anyway, I'm not going anywhere....

Couch potato's unite!!!!

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