Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

So here we are again. We're back in SC. I'm sitting on the sofa watching LOST Season 3. Wes is at work. He won't be home until around 4pm. Phoebe and I slept late and then made some muffins this morning.

We had a wonderful time in MS this week. We left on Tuesday around 6pm. When we were about 30 miles from the Alabama line, there must have been an accident. We stopped in standstill traffic and didn't move for an hour. Three tow trucks passed us on the shoulder. We stayed there because we thought they were about to clear the road. This was not the case. I called the station and asked Kristy, one of the am producers, to look at Georgia's DOT website and see what was going on. The website said there was a major accident and the clearance time would be 3:45 am. It was 12:30. UGGH!! We turned around by cutting through the median and got off the interstate. We took a small highway and got behind some trucks who seemed to know where they were going and got around it. Of course, this put us an hour behind. We got home at 4:30 am. We slept until around 10.

First we went to Mrs. Walker's and Papaw & Virginia's. That night we went to Wes' parents for dinner. Wes's dad wasn't there. He was on a flight and wouldn't be back until the next night.... The twins opened their gifts from us. We got them a "yard of bubble gum." We also got Wes' parents a Paris calendar and some tea from the Charleston Tea plantation. They got us a knife block we wanted. Here's some pics....

Me & Mrs. Walker

Drew posing for the camera.

Gage hiding from the camera.

Kelly & Ava

Wes on battery duty

On Thursday, we ate at Wes' grandmother's for lunch. His cousins Tyler and Anna came over. Then we ate at Mom & Dad's. Papaw & Virginia came over for a little while. Dad fried a turkey for me since I didn't get one for Thanksgiving. It was yummy!!!

Papaw & Virginia

Me & Daddy

Christmas Tree

Mom & I peeling potatoes

On Friday, we went back to Wes' parents for a little while. Then we ate at my Grandmother's house. My Aunt John and Uncle Chris were there, as well as my Aunt Tammy. (Hi Aunt T!!!) We ate ham and some delicious roasted sweet potatoes!!! Yumm!!!

Dad & Cally

Me & Daddy

Mom & Uncle Chris

Aunt Jon and Grandmother

Saturday, we woke up early and drove to Memphis. We drove thru a part of Mississippi that I had never been to. We drove Hwy 45 up to Tupelo and then got on 78 that cut across to Memphis. I had never been to the southwest corner of MS before. Nothing special though. It looks the same. Anyway, we stayed at the Peabody hotel. It was beautiful! We met Wes' family for a reunion. We ate at the hotel for lunch. They reserved a meeting room. Wes and I explored the hotel. We went to the roof and saw where the ducks live, the views from the top and the Peabody sign. At 5pm, we went to the lobby to watch the ducks "waddle" into the elevator to their "duck palace." There was a "duckmaster" who talked about the tradition and escorted the ducks to the roof. It was funny. The lobby was beautifully decorated with several Christmas trees and this huge "eatable" santa. That evening we went over to the Rendavous BBQ restaurant. It's a famous BBQ place. It was WONDERFUL!! I ate a full rack of ribs. They were excellent. After that we went back to the hotel and sat around and talked till around midnight. While we were hanging out, Wes's cousin's son, Sam, was playing with his Grandmothers phone. I got the phone number and called him. I pretended to be Mrs. Clause. He thought it was the greatest thing. He was so excited, that he hung up the phone several times. I called back 15 times probably. It was really fun. Sam jumped up and down and laughed evertime the phone rang. He told me what he wanted for Christmas. Everybody thought is was great. The whole time, I was sitting a few feet away from him.

Getting back to Wes's Dad, he was delayed in Dublin, Ireland for an entire day. He was supposed to get back home on Thursday night. He didn't make it until late Friday night. This put him behind in getting to Memphis. He had to do a couple of things at home, so he didn't get to Memphis until around midnight, Saturday. We stayed up to wait on him. The next morning, we ate across the street from the hotel at a place called the "Texas de Brazil," a Brazilian steakhouse. It was awesome! It's the first time we have eaten at a place like that. They served meat at the table. Every type of meat too: Filet Mignon, steak, chicken, pork, sausage, everything. We stuffed ourselves. It was great.

We weren't going to stay for lunch because we had a 11 1/2 hour drive ahead of us. We were going to leave around 9am. But since Wes' Dad was late getting there, we decided to stay. We didn't leave Memphis until around 2:30. This would put us getting home around 2:30 am. I decided to sleep as much as possible in the truck. But for some reason, I couldn't. I only slept about 3 hours total. We stopped in a little town called Columbus, NC for gas. I went inside the store to use the bathroom while Wes got gas. He came inside and we got a drink. He suddenly realized that he didn't have the keys........ Yep........ We were locked out!!!! Wes called USAA and they sent a locksmith. It took nearly an hour to finally leave. And this put us getting home around 3:30 am.... I usually get to work at 3:30... We got home, I brushed my teeth, put on a different shirt, and went to work. Wes unloaded the truck and went to sleep. He had to be at work at 9am. I got to work around 4. Luckily, Kristy was doing both hours of the show. (It's easier on me when there's only one producer.) After the show, I took a nap in my car. Came home, unpacked everything, then went back to sleep till about 5. Wes and I made pigs-n-a-blanket and rotel dip for dinner. Then we went to bed. We were exhausted.

So now I'm here, watching Lost with Phoebe and waiting for Wes to get off so we can open our gifts and make chili for dinner. Then it's back to work tomorrow. I'll post some pictures from Memphis next.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

PS: My surgery on my right foot is Thursday. Wes is off on Thursday and Friday.

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Holly S. said...


It was so good to see you and Wes in Memphis!! I love your blog and all the pics you've posted!! I am SO sorry to hear that your trip home was so tough. You guys are real troppers! Glad to hear that you are on the mend from surgery, too. The "Mrs. Claus" phone calls were hilarious! Thank you for playing along with that!! We'll have to teach Sam not to hang up so much! It was really great to see you and we hope to see you again soon. There is a chance that we will be taking Jacob's grandmother to an Air Force reunion in Savannah in September. If we go, we'll be sure to let you know! We hope 2008 is a wonderful and blessed year for you!
:) Holly