Thursday, December 27, 2007

Surgery today....

My second surgery is today at 9am, on my right foot. I'm working my show and then leaving as soon as it's over. No more driving for me. At least for a few weeks. I'm not looking forward to it. I will have to depend on Wes to take me to work. I can't go to the gym or anywhere else on my own. Oh well, at least I'll have time to watch LOST and my new DVD's I got for Christmas.... Mom got me Fraggle Rock!!! I love Fraggle Rock!!!!!!!! Believe it or not, I still have not seen the Passion of the Christ. She bought that one for me too. We also got a new DVD player/recorder. No we can TiVo stuff and burn it to DVD's. Mom made us some new dishes in her ceramics class also. I picked the pattern out. I love them. (She doesn't so much. She asked me many many times if I was sure it was what I wanted!) Kelly gave me a candle warmer. You can melt the candle wax without burning it. It lasts longer and makes the room really smell good!! Wes and I bought our new D70 for our Christmas. That was our gift to each other.
I started taking the Christmas tree down yesterday. Since I won't be able to walk for several days, I thought I better do it now.

More later, when I turn into an invalid..... wish me luck.

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