Sunday, December 9, 2007

Holiday Blues.......

Not much going on lately... Holiday Blues I guess. I bought our last Christmas gift yesterday... For my Dad, the hardest person to buy for.. It took me weeks to think of something to get. I've done the gift card thing many times before. We didn't have a lot of money to spend this year, but I didn't want to just settle for something. Anyway, I think he'll like what I got him.. It's nothing special, but it's from me. That's all that matters.

Can you tell the holiday blues are setting in...

Yesterday, Wes, Kelly and I went to a stingrays game... It was fun. They won 5-2. What was weird was there were several fights that were so fake looking. I've been to many hockey games. Usually they just throw down or are chest to chest cussing and screaming at each other..... But in two of the fights last night, the players took off their helmets, gloves, rolled up their sleeves, and circled each other fists out several times before throwing a punch. It was like we were at a boxing match. The other players just stood around to watch. Some even took a knee. The ref's don't break fights up until someone gets the advantage, but this was just strange. They let them circle and then punch each other until they started rolling around.
Anyway, we had a good time. The tickets were free.

Some good news from Wes' side of the family. His cousin Tyler has been chosen to go to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. This is a huge honor!! The only way you can get in is with a nomination from your state's senator. Tyler is real involved with the Civil Air Patrol. He is one of the highest ranking in his area. Congrats to Tyler!!!!


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