Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cookin' Out....

Had a good time tonight! Everyone came over and saw the house. We all sat around and visited. It was a great night for a cook-out. The weather was perfect. I was worried that it would be to hot on the carport, but it was perfect. Mom & Dad brought the ice cream maker and we had homemade GRAPE flavored ice cream. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!!!
Jana enjoyed watching the fish. She fed them as well. Drew & Gage "rode" each other around the yard and Wes did a great job cooking the meat! Thanks to everyone for coming out. We will definitely plan this again!

Wes cutting the grass before everyone got there.

Papaw & Virginia

Virginia, Papaw, Uncle Chris, Grandmother, & Aunt Jon

Becky, Aunt Patsy & Grandmother (Wes' Grandmother)

Becky, Wes, Grandmother and Steve

Dad with the manual Ice Cream maker. Janna & Drew & Gage were helping.

Jana & the twins playing in the yard.

Chris stuffing his face.

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