Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where's Gracie????

Becky is in overdue. Her due date is this weekend and as far as I know, she still hasn't had the baby yet... We'll see. I keep checking the Hydrick's blog for updates....

It's pear time! Anybody want some?? My neighbor has offered to take the rotten ones for deer feed. He's also going to take some ripe ones for his family. There's one lady at work that wants some and a few others that have offered to take a few at a time. So far, I've picked about 8 walmart bags full and that's only from 1 tree. Both trees are still overloaded. I will be happy to bring them to anyone who wants them... In other words: FREE DELIVERY!!

This week at work I started a new project. When a new commercial is to air, the company or ad agency has to send the spot to us. Most come on a satellite receiver and are put right into the server. Others come on tapes mailed to the station. Most local commercials that are not produced by the station's production department are sent on tape along with some national commercials that don't want to pay the fees associated with the satellite feeds. Others mail them because some small stations don't have access to the satellite receivers either. Either way, we accumulate a ton of tapes over the years. We have to keep them and we eventually reuse them. So my project this week is to re-organize them and throw out tapes that are older than dirt. (There are many 1 in. film reels still back there!) It's dusty, dark and smelly back there. On Friday, I stayed till around 1 am. I got to the G's. Not that anyone really cares about a dusty room full of old tapes. I just thought I'd mention it. I'm trying to re-organize the place so that I can function there. It's a slight OCD thing I have. It's really hard to go into someone else's organization system and adapt to it. I like to create my own system. Honestly, there was no organization back there at all. It was total chaos..... I'm trying to fix that..... We'll see......



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