Saturday, August 16, 2008

River Floatin'

Today was great. Wes and I went down the river with Dad. We put the boats in at the house and got out at the Stonewall bridge. It was the perfect day for a float. About twenty minutes into our trip, Wes was near me and attempted to reach out and grab by kayak to shake it. He never touched me. Instead he FLIPPED OVER!! It was rather funny! That is until he realized that his glasses were missing! They fell off when he went in the water and are now allowing some happy catfish to see better. Here's a picture of him getting back into the boat, nice and wet...

This is the railroad bridge down from the house.
We stopped at the fossil beds near the elementary school. I hadn't been there since I was a kid. The school used to take field trips there. (Remember that Beth??) Dad said they don't do it anymore because someone else owns it now. I had not been down this part of the river in a very long time. We went through Enterprise and behind the high school, and all the way to the Stonewall bridge. It took us 3-4 hours.
The river was so smooth that we didn't have to paddle much at all. It was just high enough so we didn't have to walk at all, but low enough were we didn't have to fight any strong currents. After the fossil beds, Wes decided to stay out of the boat and floated the rest of the way. He eventually tied his kayak to mine and let the current take him. Dad laid back and took a nap in the canoe.

Dad floated into some limbs hanging down. He didn't see them until he hit them....

I ended up getting out of the boat and floated with Wes. Dad was trying to knock me out and he said either I was getting out on my own or he was knocking me out.... So I got out....

This garden spider was in Dad's shed.... I thought it was neat looking.
After our relaxing float, we went to the fish camp.
Here's the bad news from the day... Since Wes lost his glasses, he was going to wear his old ones until he got around to getting another pair. Well.... I think I accidentally threw them away in the move.... They were nowhere to be found. Now we have to get him a new pair this week. With his eye disease, his prescription is special and the cheaper optical places can't do it. I feel so bad!!

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