Thursday, November 26, 2009

8 DAYS!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.... I'm at work.. ARRGHH!! Wes & I went to Quitman to eat with his Aunt's family. Then I had to come to work. Mom's on call and since everyone was here last week, they are enjoying a quiet day today. We're going shopping in the morning!! :) EVEN WES!!!! Well, kind of. He'll probably go to Sam's and that's it.

This week's been pretty busy. Pete left yesterday. Bob & Kaine left Monday. We had lunch at work on Wednesday. Through all the funeral and Thanksgiving activities, I've managed to keep up with my running schedule. Ran this morning with Tim. Our last trail run before the race. I'm running 15 on Saturday with John. 8 days away!!!! I am so excited! I can't wait.. After I made it through that 22 mile run a few weeks ago, I wasn't nervous anymore. I'll try to update Facebook while I'm running. I'll be texting Mom & Wes throughout so they can meet me along the race route a few times.

Tomorrow, Mom & I are doing the Black Friday thing, and then we're meeting Josh & Amy for lunch. Then back to work, unfortunately! BUT, the good thing is I'm getting holiday pay for Thursday AND Friday!

I have lots of pictures from this past week to post. Some are on Facebook. I took some while everyone was here for the funeral and then some today. I'll try to post them all this weekend.

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