Saturday, November 28, 2009

Various pictures from the week Papaw went to Heaven.

Not in any order.....

Dad hates Mayonaise...
Me & Kelly
Kelly & Kaine
Kaine wearing Papaw's Navy cap

Everyone playing games. (Bobby & Dad were playing too.)

Aunt Deb and Kaine making a scrapbook of fall leaves.

Mom & Marlinda
Nathan & Kaine playing together.
The family eating dinner after the funeral.

Me & Pete after the funeral
Wes & Kelly

Doesn't he look good in his suit!!
Ken & Gracie before the funeral
Gracie on the "Martin Grandkids Tricycle."

This is one of my favorites....

After the visitation, Becky&Jim, Pete&Kelly, Josh&Amy and Wes & I went to Outback.

Dad, Me and Uncle Chris

Grandpa Ken is training his Grandkids early... She knows how the remote works.

After church on Sunday, we ate at McAllisters.

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