Thursday, November 12, 2009


Papaw's back in the hospital again. He has pneumonia. again. His weight has dropped significantly also. Please remember him/everyone else in your prayers... Spent a little time up there today with him. He was confused, as usual. At one time, I stood next to his bed and he looked at me smiling and said "Look at you, you're a big girl." I laughed and asked him what he meant. He said I was growing up. I asked him how old he thought I was. He said "5 or 6." He was smiling at me like I was a little kid again. It was nice to see him with a genuine smile again.

Running 22 on Saturday... So far this week hasn't been as "hellish" as the schedule claims... (It is week 13 btw) Ran 8 on Monday, 8 on Tuesday and 6 today. Resting up for Saturday. This is the last "longer" run till the race. The next two saturdays are both 13 miles each, which is nothing to me now. It's weird to say that... a half marathon is easy! :)

Pete's in Norfolk this week for "processing" and should be going to Indianapolis in the next few days. He'll be at Camp Atterberry for training until February. The training he'll do is real-life training, where they are in a dessert setting, eating MRE's and learning their job's risks. Kind of like survival training I guess.

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