Sunday, October 7, 2007

Here we go....

Okay, My friend Beth inspired me to start a blog. I never really thought of doing this before. After thinking about it for a couple of days, I decided on a name. For those of you who didn't know, I'm a "BIG" JJ Abrams fan. JJ is the creator of ALIAS, LOST and many other great shows. He has also directed several movies. Page 47 is part of a plot line in ALIAS. (The Rambaldi book had a page 47 that revealed the prophecy involving Sydney... Sydney was taken to room #47 during her missing two years, etc.) Just my way of trying to be creative. Sorry if it doesn't make since. I like it.

Anyway, as you can already tell, I am a TV nerd. Working in TV will do that to ya. I wouldn't say that was "married" to the job, just the outcome. (I'm married to Wes :) .....) Don't ever sit with me and watch the news or anything else. I'll spoil it for you.

I guess I should introduce myself a little better than that, huh? Okay. I'm Evelyn (or Ev, it doesn't matter). Wes & I have been married for 2 1/2 years. We live in Charleston, SC. I was born and raised in Mississippi and I'd give anything to go back there right now. Wes was an Air Force child and lived all over. Our parents live in the same county in MS, about 20 miles away from each other. But that's not how we met. We met at the TV station in a nearby city where we both worked. Leaving MS was a hard thing to do. The reason we left is because you can't make any money in TV in smalltown, USA. After working in Alabama for a few years, we made our way here. It's a nice place, but it's not home. It's way too far from home too!! I've only been home three times this year. Some people may think that's a lot. But I'm a homebody. When we lived in AL, we would go home twice a month!

So anyway, Wes and I work, work and work some more. Our schedules are very different right now. We don't have a lot of time off together, so what we do have we spend it together. It was easier before because we worked at the same station. Now we don't. So we don't have the same friends anymore. But we are doing our best. Last night, a guy I work with had a get-together. Wes finally met all the folks from work I've been talkin' about. I've met a few of his co-workers. I play softball for our station and he is going to play on his stations' Dodgeball team. I was going to play, but I had foot surgery last week and I won't be 100% in time. They play two leagues, so I might play in the spring.

Alright, so if you're reading this, then that probably means that you read the email I sent you! Thanks!!! I try my best to stay in touch with everyone, but it's hard because not everyone has email or checks it regularly. I don't know everyone's phone numbers and it would take all day to call everyone and honestly, wouldn't you get tired of repeating yourself a hundred times? :) Plus it's been so long since I've seen anybody, that communication becomes an "out of sight, out of mind" scenario. I know everyone's busy with their own lives. That's why I thought this might be a good thing to do. When you have time, stop by and see what's going on... Start your own blog and I'll do the same!!

Phoebe says Hi! (Our cat) She just walked across the keyboard...

So right now, I'm going to go and catch up on my TiVo for the week and sit around the house with my stitched up foot propped up... I had surgery (left foot) to straighten up my toes so when I'm 40, hopefully I'll be able to walk normally without pain. My grandmother has the same problem, only she never got her feet fixed and she can barely walk. I'm trying to prevent that from happening to me. My right foot will most probably be done in December.

PS. I hate stitches!! The thought of them in my own skin makes my stomach knot up. My Mom's a nurse, she lives for this stuff!! She thinks I'm crazy. (I'm a Kowall, what can I say!!) I'm going to throw up now.

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wes said...

Great first blog! I love you