Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stitch Free!!! Yippee!!!!

So yesterday, I got my stitches out!! I nearly threw up, but they're out and I'm SSSOOO GLADDD!!. Now I can wear a sock! Also, for the first time in 2 weeks, I took a shower standing up!! I know no one cares, but I was happy! My toe is much straighter than I thought it would be. It looks fake to me. I guess because I'm used to it being crooked. It's still a little swollen. I have to wear the boot for three more weeks. I also have to try to flex my toe back and forth. This way it won't be stiff. This really hurts. And I have to do all this over again in 2 months (Right foot). Not fun.......

Tomorrow, I'm going to the gym. I haven't been since before surgery. Obviously, I can't run. So I'm just going to do weights. The gym actually called the other day because I wasn't coming. I'm sure they do that for everyone. But I thought it was cool.

This weekend my parents are going to Norfolk to see Pete & Kelly (my brother & Sis-in-law). Pete's sea duty is up and he's transferring here to work at the Brig. (YEAH) They are moving into the apartment complex behind us. They got married (Eloped!) in June. The church is giving them a shower the first weekend of November. After that, Pete is going to training for about 6 weeks. They should be here around Christmas. Wes and I are really looking forward to having family nearby. I can't wait!!

I also learned yesterday that my aunt's family has a blog! There's pics of my cousins & other relatives! Hi guys!!! I added their blog to the links list on the right... Most of them live in MS, but one (Ray) lives in B'ham.

Not much else is new. It's been a pretty regular week.

PS: Wes is now calling me "Toepins."

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Beth said...

I am so enjoying reading your blog!!!! Hope your toe starts feeling better and have fun at the gym!