Saturday, October 27, 2007


The fair is in town. My station is all over it, like it's the latest breaking news. I don't understand it. We're sponsors, but I don't understand all this hype. In Mississippi, the fair is just, well, the fair. There's nothing special about it. Kind of dirty and a bit unsafe if you ask me. Mostly a high school hangout too. Here, we have a "Live 5 House" there, like is was the Neshoba County fair or something. We're going live in nearly every newscast. It's apparently the event of the year.

Well, Wes & I went last night. We had free tickets and a parking pass. Little good it did though. It was a nightmare! We live 13 miles(I looked it up) from the fairgrounds and we sat in the car for 2 HOURS!!! Okay, I understand that it was Saturday and the last two days its been raining. But it was a completely ridiculous & unnecessary situation! We had a parking pass for the media lot. But we were shuffled into the back of the park and when we tried to ask where the lot was, no one spoke English. They kept saying "Straight." We had to crawl past every parking lot all the way around the place until we got to the very last lot and we finally made our own parking space. In these lots we passed, there were hundreds of empty spaces. There were high school kids as parking attendants just standing around. It was completely unorganized. We literally sat in the car for an hour circulating the place waiting to park. This is a very LARGE place. There is more land for parking than there is fairgrounds. I was so frustrated. We left the house at 7:15 and didn't get inside the fairgrounds until 9:30! And the place closed at 11pm. We didn't ride anything! It was worthless! There were rude people everywhere and the lines to the rides where very long. I never thought of myself as an anti-social person, but last night, I was. Bottom line, it was truly awful.

Since we can get in for free (Press ID's can be useful), we've decided to give it another try on a less crowded day. We've decided to go back on Wednesday afternoon (Halloween), although it depends on when Pete & Kelly get here. We are hoping that the high school crowd will NOT be there and the lines will be shorter and we can get to the media lot on our own.

I don't do thrill rides, but Wes loves it. I have panic attacks. The last time Wes & I went to Visionland (in Birmingham), I sat down on a ride(a medium sized thrill ride), I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I immediately got up because I couldn't breathe. I even felt this way when Wes was on a roller coaster. When I was watching him, I started crying. It was awful. When I was a kid, I could easily get on the slower ones. Now, I can only do the carousel.... I'm a wuss.

PS: It's finally COLD!!! It's about time!!!!! :)

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Sheila said...

YOu got that from me.... Sorry..... We will miss you this weekend...... Love ya mom