Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pete & Kelly

Here's a new pic of Pete & Kelly. Mom & Dad went to VA Beach this past weekend to see them. Pete's officially done with sea duty and will go to training in November. He'll be stationed here at the Brig. They will be moving at the end of the month. Pete's been renting a condo with a few other Navy guys. They are greatly looking foward to having their own place! I can't wait because we will have family here!! We will have folks to go exploring with, or just hang out with. (Go running with!!!!?!?!??!??)


I went to the gym on Friday! I did the stationary bike. I don't particularly like it, but I can't run or use the elliptical yet, so it's the next best thing I guess. One reason I don't like it is because my "rear" goes numb after about 15 minutes. But I'll suffer for a while I guess. I also did too much weightlifting as always. I usually go overboard when I return after considerable time off. This is part of the reason I didn't do anything this weekend. I was a bit sore. I was going to go back yesterday, but I had to take Phoebe to the vet. So I went today. Before surgery I went 5 days a week. I'm slacking...

PS: A "Can't Miss" CSI on Thursday. Grissom asks Sara to marry him! 3rd best show!! (#1 Alias, #2 Lost) Lost Season 4 begins February 13th. Season 3 on DVD in the U.S. December 11th. (Go ahead, call me a nerd).


yanasina said...

I hate that Jorja Fox is leaving the show :(

Debra said...

Hey Evelyn. sounds like you are getting back to normal after surgery. You go, girl! all is well on this side of Mississippi. Laura and baby are growning. She's doing great on nursing this semester and will be through in December. Josh is going on missions again in December to China during Christmas. That is where his heart is. Becky is doing fine. It's nice to have her just downthe street - a pleasure your mom and dad don't have but it's great that they travel to see you.
I have a google blog account with our Hydrick blog that Ray set up. I'll be in touch.

joshua said...

hey cuz!!!! i have been meaning to call yall!! sorry i have been busy! glad to hear that yall are doing good! i need to do some excerising as well!!