Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sleep is good...

Yesterday was a long day.... Well, at least for me anyway. Wes & I did everything we set out to do. I was surprised. There are disadvantages though. I slept three hours. Today, I am extremely tired! So I apologize in advance if I begin to ramble here.

When I got home, we were expecting Pete & Kelly to be there. But they were just leaving Norfolk. (7 hours away) So we did our usual Walmart run along with other errands. But before that we went to the fair for a few hours. It was much better this time. It was Senior Citizens day!!!!

There were no lines on any of the rides. I didn't ride anything, but Wes rode several. Around 4:30 the crowd of teenagers started to show up because school was out and it was Halloween. But it wasn't too bad. We got to park in our reserved lot and we went to the Live 5 house too. This time there were people there. They went live during the shows from there. It was much more enjoyable than our last experience. We learned our lesson.... Next time, we'll go with the Senior Citizens... :)

The intent yesterday was to stay awake until they arrived. But their seven hour trip turned into 10!! They didn't get here until 10pm. I was falling asleep, but I wanted to see them. Today they, along with Wes are moving their stuff in. (Hate I missed that...) When I get home, they should have the majority of their stuff moved in, I hope. (They brought a 26 foot truck!!!!) I still don't know how far their place is from us. Kelly said they are getting an end unit. But I don't know which building yet.

Their showers are in MS this weekend. So they are moving in today, leaving tomorrow.... Pete will go to training from there and Kelly will come back with me next weekend. (We're going to a Thrasher's game on the 10th)

Tuesday was Boot-Off Day!!! I don't have to wear that dreadful thing anymore!! I also don't have to go back to the Doc until my next surgery in December. Wearing two shoes is great!!! It is a bit sore because there hasn't been any pressure to the top of my foot before now. So I have to get used to that. It's uncomfortable, but tolerable. I actually limp more with a shoe than without. No, I haven't gotten on the treadmill yet, but I'm getting there. It'll take me a few days to get used to walking normally in shoes. I'll probably try the elliptical this weekend. Yeah!!!!

That's it... Hopefully I didn't ramble too much... Good night!

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