Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Toys!!

Wes & I decided to buy a new digital camera yesterday. We've been wanting one for years. I currently have a Nikon n65 (35mm SLR) and we have a little handheld 5m digital camera. My Nikon is not practical anymore for vacations...carrying the camera plus a bag full of film... So we went ahead and bought a Nikon D70!!!! It's my dream camera. We found a nearly new one on ebay for a good price. I'm so excited!!!! We also got a Photobank a few weeks ago. It's an 80GB portable hard drive with card slots. You can store pictures from memory cards on it. It's better than having a bunch of memory cards to keep up with. I can't wait to use it!! I'm going downtown to play with it as soon as we get it...

This weekend is Pete & Kelly's showers. I wish I could be there. I hate missing stuff. Since we've already bought most of our Christmas, I have to hope that they don't receive the same thing that we've already bought them.
They went to the football game Friday night. My mom was hoarse from yelling so much. They had a great time. Pete saw a lot of people he hasn't seen since High School. In fact, that's the first home game he's been to since he graduated. They beat Taylorsville 42-40 in the last seconds of the game. They are in the playoffs now. I think they've only lost one game.

Since I started watching Alias after my surgery, I decided to finish it. I'm currently on season 4. It's my least favorite season. But ironically, my favorite episode comes from season 4. When I'm done with Alias, I'm going to watch Lost again. Season 3 comes out on DVD Dec. 11 (I've already ordered it) Season 4 starts in February. (Can't Wait!!!)

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