Monday, November 12, 2007

Lots O' Fun

This weekend was great... First off though...


It was great... I felt great too. I'm going back today to do it again. I doing the Reindeer Run on December 1st in downtown Chas. Two folks from work are doing it, as well as Kelly, my new sister!! (in-law) Races are always fun, but it's much better when you have friends and/or family with you... Wes did the Bridge Run last year with me, but we were in different seeds, so we weren't side by side. This race is smaller, so I don't think we'll have to worry about that. Can't Wait!!!!

Back to this weekend... I met Mom, Dad and Kelly in Atlanta on Saturday. We went to the Thrashers game. They are terrible this year. They got beat 4-3 by Carolina. We had a good time though. Before the game, we walked around downtown and ate at Ted's Montana Grill. (They had bison.... I had Crab Cakes!!) While we were at the restaurant, Ted Turner walked by. (Ted Turner=CNN, Ted's, almost all of the state of Montana, etc.) We spent the night at a hotel downtown. On Sunday, we went to IKEA (My favorite place to shop!!) Kelly had never been there before. We got there around 9 am and unloaded all of Pete & Kelly's shower gifts from Mom's car to mine. IKEA has a cafeteria, so we ate breakfast there. Then we shopped till we dropped. Literally. We didn't leave the store until about 2:00pm. Kelly rode back with me. We had a great drive home. We talked the entire way back. (I actually had a sore throat from talking so much!) It went by quick too. It really gave me a chance to get to know her. We are both excited to be living so close to each other. I think life will be much better for both of us, now that there's family nearby. Especially for them because they are just getting their first place as a married couple. Pete will now have a regular job where he won't be overseas for long periods anymore (at least for the next three years).

For those who have never been, IKEA is a swedish company. There are only about 30 stores in the US. They are massive!! The one in Atlanta (I believe it's the biggest in the US) has two levels of parking deck, one level of showroom and one level of warehouse. They even have a daycare. You can't get out of there in less than three hours... They have the coolest furniture and houseware stuff. It's a must see!! The cafe serves swedish food for lunch/dinner (and it's cheap, too) . There's a section of swedish food for purchase as well. You can buy the meatballs, fish, cookies, everything the cafe serves. My favorite is Lingonberry Juice. It's the best stuff in the world!! They have it as a fountain drink, but you can buy the concentrate too. (I bought two jugs!) It's similar to Cranberry juice, but without the tartness.

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