Thursday, November 8, 2007

Random Thoughts....

Here is a picture of Phoebe... Isn't she cute... She is an odd little thing. She likes to chew on shoestrings, the tassels on rugs, electrical cords, even the straps of certain "undergarments." She likes to hide under rugs too. I will walk into the living room and find a large "hump" in the rug. She thinks she's hiding. Sometimes she'll jump out like she's trying to scare me. She also fetches like a dog. When I get home from work, she will get her ball (Little foam balls) and drop it in front of me. I'll throw it and she'll chase it down and bring it back. She will meow at me if I don't throw it again. She especially likes this when we are upstairs. She likes to chase them down the stairs. I have woken up many times and found three balls in the bed and Phoebes sitting at the end of the bed waiting for me to throw them.

Wes & I have a renewed interest in Photography now, due to our new camera. Yesterday I looked back through some of our pictures from various trips. Here's a few that I really like....

The Gondolas of Venice, Italy

The Old Wesson School in Wesson, MS

Valley of the Temples
Kaneohe, HI
(You may recognize this from LOST--in Sun & Jin's flashbacks)
Our goal is to blow up some of our photos and frame them for montages for our living room and bedroom. We already have a bunch of black frames of different sizes. We have so many pictures to choose from, it's difficult to narrow them down to only a dozen or so. We took over 1500 pictures on our honeymoon! We took about 500 in Hawaii last year. Not to mention the hundreds from various weekend trips and others when we were just playing around. I love taking pictures of random things, like a broken street sign, or an odd looking tree. I have even stopped on the side of the interstate and stood on the roof of my car to get a shot of an amazing sunset. Once, on the drive back from shooting a wedding in Gilbertown, AL, I saw this sign on the side of the road that said "Land." It pointed down a dirt road. I thought it was really cool. The pictures looked cool too because there was nothing but woods in the background.
Now that we have a better camera, I'm sure we'll both revive our creative eye. We're already "arguing" over who gets to use the camera first.... He won, only because I was in the shower when it was delivered.


yanasina said...

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Also, I bet you'd love the new version of Doctor Who on BBCA and it's spinoff Torchwood

yanasina said...

Oh my gosh, I am an English teacher, and that post is full of errors!