Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Scary Stuff....

The last few days have been odd and a bit scary... I have a friend at work who had a traumatic experience this weekend. She went to visit her parents, while her fiance stayed here. He was held at gunpoint while the apartment they shared was ransacked. They took his phone, wallet, and other things. Then they began calling and texting her. Luckily, he had already called her and told her what happened. The robbers texted her saying, "Do you remember the bank number, I'm being held at gunpoint..." The police sent them a fake pin number. They were eventually caught (Four Juveniles-the youngest was 14!!!!) at a nearby bank trying to get money from their account. She was terrified!!! The last few days have been awful for her... trying to find a new place to live, going to the bond court hearings. Not to mention that this is the beginning of sweeps and everybody's already stressed.
This comes just a few months after some crazy guy followed her to work and tried to get into her car. (The station has just installed a new security fence and a security gate because of this). So needless to say, everyone is freaking out. West Ashley is not the place to be.
So to add to my emotions from all this, (even though I have not been directly involved) while I was in the shower yesterday, the Exterminator walked into our apartment and began "exterminating." (Wes was at work) I didn't have a clue he was there. All of a sudden I hear, "Hello?" and immediately get nervous and start shaking. I guess I made noise and he said, "I'm so sorry, I heard the water running... I'm the bug man." I yelled down the stairs, "Can you come back please?" He said, "Yes Mam, I'm sorry. I've already done the downstairs." Okay, I don't know if he was partially deaf or what, but you can hear the water running from the shower when you open the front door. I know this because on the days that Wes is off, he is sometimes in the shower when I come in. Now, we have two large fish tanks downstairs and they have "running water," but they are more of a trickle than a rushing shower head. Anyway, I was freaked out.
We have this safety latch on the door that we use sometimes. I have gotten out of the habit because I have left it locked and Wes has had to call and wake me up to come let him in. Don't worry though, I won't forget anymore... As soon as I got out of the shower I latched it. I even closed the blinds. That dude wasn't coming back in. I didn't sleep all that well last night either.
BUT WAIT!! THAT'S NOT ALL!!! Just an hour ago, when I went to eat my lunch, (Yes, I eat lunch at 9am) I found an EYELASH in my food!!!! I brought one of those "Lunchables" what has wheat crackers, turkey and cheese. (cheap and easy) There was an eyelash in the cheese! Needless to say, I didn't eat it. Luckily, I brought something else to eat along with it.
I know an eyelash in my food is minor compared to the other two "close encounters," but that's just nasty!!
So anyway, I'll be looking over my shoulder for a while, obsessively checking the locks and examining my food a little closer.....


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