Monday, February 18, 2008

Lazy Weekend....

Not much going on here. I'm enjoying NOT doing 3 hours in the morning! We actually had someone interviewing for the empty director spots today! Progress is nice!!

Saturday, I went to the gym and wore myself out and decided not to go on Sunday. Instead, I got really bored and it was such a nice day that Kelly and I decided to run the bridge! (another link) I ended up wearing myself out again. It was beautiful up there!!! We ran over half of one way (roughly 1 1/2 miles). One way from "fountain to fence" (the water fountain on the Mt. Pleasant side to the fence at the red light on the Charleston side) is right at 2 1/2 miles. Round trip is about 5 miles. It's got a pretty good incline on both sides. Heading towards Charleston is steeper but shorter. Heading towards Mt. P is not as steep but a longer inclining stretch. It was really crowded, even for a Saturday. I guess people are taking advantage of the great weather we are having!

I started playing with my camera (as seen with last post). Here's some more that I took today.

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