Sunday, February 3, 2008

tidbits and OC Spray!!!

(I don't know why several posts start with "tidbits"...)
Had my last post-op on Wednesday. Doc says everything is fine. My toe is still a little numb. He told me to message it and bend it as far as I can every day. It's still a little swollen. I can officially drive now, even though I drove myself to work all this week. I go back in mid-March.

I learned this week that I am going to have to do the Noon show until sweeps is over (the whole month of Feb.) That's stinks!! The usual noon director is moving to the evening shift because we are down two directors and this eliminates 6 night shift people from getting overtime. It will make the day go by faster I guess.

Thursday, Wes and I walked around downtown for a while. We found this little map store. We were lucky to find a framed National Geographic map of the world and they gave it to us for $100!! This prompted us to finally hang all our frames on the wall. There's only a few with watercolors that we bought in Italy, but having them on the walls will push us into finally getting our pictures blown up!

On Friday, Pete got sprayed in the face with military issue OC spray as part of his training at the Brig. He said it was the worst thing he ever had to do!! After they sprayed him, he had to run through a short "maze of opponents" and hit punching bags before he could clean off his face. In some of the pictures, he looks like he's crying!! It's funny, but listening to him describe it, it makes me want to cry. Here's a few pics that he sent me. I think they videotaped it as well...

This one's the worst!! Look how red his face is!!


(His birthday was yesterday!!) Love You!!!

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