Monday, February 4, 2008

Who won??

I don't care! I didn't watch the game yesterday. I chose not to watch it because, #1-I don't like football. I like Hockey; and #2-I choose to NOT conform to society! I was NOT one of the millions who glued themselves to the TV. I do not do things because "everyone else" does it.
I watch Lost because I like the show and its creator, NOT because it's one of the most popular shows. I dress comfortably. I don't wear the latest styles because Gap and Old Navy tell me too. I went to see Cloverfield, once again because I like JJ Abrams. This was the first movie I have seen in a year and a half! Why? Because nothing looked interesting to me. I didn't go see Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter or any of the comic book movies. I haven't seen Finding Nemo or any of those other animated movies. I think the movie industry is slacking in coming up with new ideas and now have to remake the classics and make ridiculous sequels in order to make money. I like the classics.
I don't necessarily support the "underdog," I just choose a "side" on the basis of what appeals to me and not what society says is the best choice.

I like to be different.

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