Saturday, February 9, 2008

Softball soreness...

Yesterday, Pete, Kelly and I went to goof off at the baseball fields. Softball season starts soon and they are going to play on my stations team. We had a good time, but today we are paying for it! Me especially because I went to the gym earlier in the day. I played last season as well. We won more than we lost, but lost out on the first round of playoffs. We had fun though.

Work this week has been hectic, but it went by fast so that was good. I've been worried that since we are short two directors, I would have to do 3 hours in the morning and the noon as well. I found out on Friday that the current plan is to schedule someone else to do the Fox show. It's not official yet, but the fact that they are not thinking about making me do it is promising. I always overreact to things like this even though I know I can do it, I just don't want to make a habit of it because then it may become a regular thing.

On Thursday, Wes & I went to Riverfront Park. We've been there before but they just opened up a new memorial for the Navy base. The Park is on the old Navy base right in front of the Admiral's house (They use this house and several others in the TV show Army Wives on Lifetime). Some of the buildings on the old base are being used by private companies and the ports. There is a new port under construction as well. There's a dock there where cruise ships are repaired. There's also a Magnet school. Most of the buildings are sitting empty and delapidated. We drove through the officer's houses and most of them are boarded up and falling in. Some sections are being used for private homes and others are all fixed up with new paint and landscaping for Army Wives. The power station that provided power for the dry docks is still there, not being used. It's a neat looking old building and you can see all the pipes and machines through the windows. Pete works on a different part of the base that is still being used by the Navy for the Brig and I believe a submarine training program. But where the Navy yard was is where all the private busineses are now. The park includes the admirals pier and you can see down the river where all the ships and ports are. It's a really nice little area. Here's some pics...

Some houses that appear to have been batchelor's or officer's quarters. The admirals house is behind these on a hill. In the foreground is a water fountain/feature.

The Admiral's house. Decorated and landscaped for Army Wives shoots, although they haven't been out there in a while because of the writer's strike.

The power building

A cargo ship going to the port up the river. There's a port for container ships as well as one for ships carrying gas, coal and other materials. This was taken from the pier.

Some ships being worked on. I think they are in the dry docks.


A cargo ship leaving the port and heading back toward the harbor.

Part of the Memorial. There's water right in front of Wes. The cones are there because there's no rail. Apparently they are still working on it.

A partial map of the base.

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