Sunday, September 28, 2008


This week at work was very slightly challenging. Just a little bit. We were live from the first Presidential Debate in Oxford on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It wasn't at all hard, but I felt like there was real news to present this time. Lindsey Brown, one of our reporters was there. She did a phenomenal job. She's going places. Working with good reporters makes the job easier and more fun. Anyway, it was a pleasant week. Unfortunately, there's no debate this week. Oh well.
Wes & I have taken a lazy weekend... again. Wes worked overnight on Friday night. I joined the gym at Riley's this week. I went while Wes was at work. Members have 24 hour access so I can go anytime. It gives me something to do and maybe I'll find motivation to run again. It's not as nice as Pivotal was in Charleston, but that's expected. There's a franchise fitness center right down the road that I thought about joining, but places like that don't stick around long in a small town like this one. On Saturday, we had a "date" night. Dinner and a movie.
"Amazing Race" and "Cold Case" started today. Ghost Whisperer and CSI starts this week as well. Heroes has already started (pretty good so far). We've been watching Fringe as well. It's pretty good. I ordered Season 4 of Lost the other day. It comes out December 9. Season 5 won't start until January. Oh, well.


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