Saturday, September 27, 2008

Writer's Block... cont.

Image #3
A mallard duck. Floating on top of an oil slick surface. The sun creates beautiful rainbow of colors on the black diluted oil swirls. The green feathers are the only identifying markings left on his matted oil-drenched body. He's among a few other ducks, all of them are jet black and barely distinguishable from the water's surface. A few dead fish are floating nearby. To the left is the gloved hands of a man, reaching down to rescue the struggling mallard and his pals. His waiters are yellow at the top, but turn oily and black at his waist. His face and hair sweaty and weathered. His eyes compassionate and concerned.

Image #4
A dead end street. Empty, abandoned houses line is cracked and potholed pavement. The street sign is barely legible, saying only " Ave." and "Dead E..." The house on the corner is a two story brick house with all its windows broken. One faded blue shutter hangs sideways from one of the second story windows. The front door is made of oak with an oval opening that once held beautifully decorated glass. A large ornate chandelier hangs just inside in the foyer, rusted and broken. There's a sign hanging on what's left of the fenced in front that states "For Sale." Another sign is stapled next to the door. It reads "Condemned."

Image #5
A cat sitting in a bay window. Her tail curled slightly down. Her ears are perked up. Her eyes large and determined. Just outside the window a bird feeder hangs on a shepherds' hook. A small robin is eating birdseed. The cat is carefully watching the bird, every movement, every breathe. Her eyes staring intently at it, waiting for the right moment to attack as if there wasn't a pane of glass between them.

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