Thursday, September 25, 2008

Writer's Block #?

"Write a story about the images on a roll of film--using only 12, 24, or 36 paragraphs."

Image #1
A young girl. Sitting alone on a bench looking out over the harbor as a container ship passes by. The bright blue sky lights up the scene as a group of small sailboats milling swiftly around in a close circle, like a cat chasing it's tail. A small fishing boat is also visible, a man with a green hat with several rods cast out into the water. A cooler sits next to him as he leans back in his chair and reads a book. The girl has her eyes closed, enjoying the cool off-shore breeze blowing in her face. A happy, simple smile is on her face. She's dressed shabbily, wearing a worn, stained, dingy white t-shirt and blue jeans unevenly cut off at the knees. Her hair dishevelled, in a messy ponytail. On the ground next to the bench is her bag containing all of her belongings. A few changes of clothes, a worn, dirty comforter, a few pictures, a Gideon's Bible. A small journal containing her deepest thoughts and prayers sits on her lap. She seems content, as if deep in meditation. The cool breeze and the sun on her face gives her a glow, like that of a new mother.

Image #2
A cemetery. Military rows perfectly lined up and perfectly spaced. In the foreground, an bright white unknown soldier marker with a crisp new American flag at attention. In the background, an unending sea of order, white marble stones, dark green grass, and a touch of red and blue. Permanently at rest, permanently at attention, permanently serving our country.

Image #3
coming soon...

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