Saturday, November 15, 2008

Best 5K Ever!!!!!

After 5 days of not running and 3 days of being sick, I managed to accomplish my goal of not stopping AND finished faster than any other 5K I have participated in. I finished at roughly 28:40 or so. YIPPEEE!!! I came so very close to stopping going up the last hill. I completely ran out of ATP and started feeling weak. That's because I didn't eat breakfast.. Ooops. Plus it was really windy and very chilly... Anyway, I was quite proud of myself. Let's see if I can do it again in a few weeks at the Jingle Bell Run.

After the race, Mom and I went to a Christmas Crafts show. We ran into Grandmother, as wells as Chris & John and several of their friends in ceramics. We also went to Hudsons and spent a good while... They have Macy's Christmas stuff right now.....

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Juliet said...

Congratulations!!! Great Job! :) See you in the morning!