Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Decorations...

Okay, so several people have put their trees up around here, including us. A few have even decorated outside already... But I just have to say it, and I apologize if anyone reading this has one of these, but I DO NOT LIKE INFLATABLES! I think they are so NOT Christmas. A Christmas tree in the yard or a nice wreath and some icicle lights. Candy canes lining the driveway is cute. Even those wooden deer with a spotlight on them are pretty. But whoever came up with the idea of a blow-up carousel?!??! Do you want to turn your yard into a carnival? Commercialism at it's finest, if you ask me. I cannot stand seeing a house with a bunch of blow-up santa's, reindeer, teddy bears, snowmen and all that. It's just not traditional. Whatever happened to the Nativity scenes, wreaths and angels in the windows??

I think that Christmas has gotten way too commercialized. In all the hustle of shopping and planning parties, we need to remember the real reason for it all... Jesus.

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