Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Christmas Time at the Watkins House!!

The trees are up, the little village is prominently displayed and the mistletoe candle is on the warmer. Mom bought us a new Christmas tree for "Christmas." We picked it out at Lowe's this week. They had them on sale for half price. (Isn't recession great sometimes!!! Belk already has their Christmas stuff half price!) The one they had on sale was regularly $200. We got the last one. I actually bought a new one last year (at Lowe's, ironically) for $30 on Black Friday. It was worth less than $30. It was pitiful looking. We got one Christmas out of it. It would be good if you have a lot of BIG ornaments to cover the empty places. Anyway, I also put up my little 4 foot tree in the bedroom. It's completely winter wonderland theme. It's blue and silver and white with nothing but snowman, cherubs and glass balls. It's my favorite. I wish I had all blue/silver/white to put on the big tree. Maybe one day, I can decorate it in style. Maybe one day....
Today we went to Jackson to pick up Adam & Becca. Thing is though, they didn't come! They haven't been having much luck lately (kennel issues, flat tires, expensive airport parking in Seattle, etc.) and ended up not coming. But later they decided to fly through Spokane instead. They are leaving tomorrow (Monday) and will fly into Meridian tomorrow night. Hopefully, they'll make it. They are flying through Salt Lake, the worst airport in the world!! (That's where we were stuck for 26 hours last year!) Good Luck A&B!!! We did manage to get the rest of our Christmas shopping done (minus two).

Thursday we are eating lunch at Wes' Aunt Glenda's in Quitman. Unfortunately, we have to work as well (yuck!), but I'm going to be (un)fashionably late on purpose. On Friday morning, Mom & I are going "Black Friday'in." Saturday we're having our family lunch at our house, so Papaw can stay longer and so he won't have to travel to Enterprise. (Mickey, Lynn & Ryan will be here from Mobile as well.) I'll definitely be taking pictures this week, so I'll have something to post soon.

Going running in the morning, just pray it's not pouring down rain!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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Juliet said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! We missed y'all yesterday. We're heading to South Carolina on Wed. Fun, fun!