Thursday, November 6, 2008

My dim views on Politics....

I don't follow politics very closely, barely at all actually. In light of the historical events we've just witnessed, I thought I would weigh in what little I have to offer. I don't understand how one person can have such an indirect impact on a large amount of people. Oprah endorsed Obama a long time ago, before the Primary. Nightline tonight talked about how Oprah's endorsement may have persuaded over a million people to vote for him. They had some math whizzes do a study on the "Oprah influence", and figured out that over 1.2 million people may have voted based on Oprah's actions, even though she tried not to "tell us how to vote." They compared this to other instances where she expressed her likes/dislikes(her book club, the beef thing a while back, her "favorite things" shows, etc). Had she not said anything, we would have seen McCain running against Hillary Clinton yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I like Oprah. I think she's a powerful woman. Maybe a bit too powerful. But I don't change my way of thinking or buy a product because she tells me to.
Like I said before, I don't follow politics much. There's too much arguing and lobbying and not enough action for me. I look at certain issues that affect me and are similar in my own personal beliefs... Abortion, Religion, Military support, and a few others. I voted for McCain because his stand on these issues were most similar to my own. I really have nothing personal against Obama. We just don't share the same beliefs.
With this being said, the American public has spoken. And in that light, Obama is my new President. I think America is in for a real change and I think it is a change for the better. Honestly, I would feel that way had McCain won as well. I honestly believe that a large amount of people went to vote yesterday only because there was an African American on the ballot. Had Clinton been on the ballot, the same thing would have happened. The fact that there were millions of newly registered voters this time means that Obama (and Clinton for that matter) has already made an impact on people who know less about politics than I do. In a sense, he's already changing America. Here's a quote from a good friend of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous):

"President Obama will be my president, and he will be your president, whether we like it or not. Though I’m disappointed that my man didn’t win, I’m proud that our country has come to a point where we can look past the color of someone’s skin and actually look at the content of their character. Though I don’t agree with the country’s decision, I do take pleasure in it’s ability to make it."

Welcome to Change.

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