Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I have hardly ever really celebrated New Year's. Especially this year. I spent the hour before and after researching hotels for the Bridge Run in April. I found one, so I have already accomplished one goal this year! (The other is to run a marathon... I'm still holding out hope!) John Johnson, the news director at work, just finished his second. I told him I wanted to do one and that I needed someone to do it with me. You know, accountability and all that. I need the motivation of someone else to help me stick with it. I told him I want to run his next one with him. I think that will be Chicago in November. We're possibly going to try to do a few half marathons this summer. He's proven that he can stick with it, I just hope I can stick with it.... We'll see.

Wes joined the gym yesterday!! YEAH!!!!! No we can go together. We went last night. I ran a 5K on the treadmill while he mulled around from machine to machine. (His iPod was dead.) I also donated blood at MASH BASH yesterday. After I ran, I started to do reverse sit-ups, but nearly blacked out. Wes had to help me sit down. NOTE TO SELF: Don't do sit ups after giving blood. I felt better after all the blood settled back where it supposed to be. There were a few minutes there that I was unsure of.

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