Sunday, January 18, 2009

stepping stones and page 47 revisited...

I'm watching Alias right now... :)
Today was great! Today was Bro. Danny's first Sunday. There was not an empty seat in the house. Afterwards Wes & I, along with Allen, a guy from work who was visiting, and Wade & Crystal went to eat at El Norte. When we got home, I took off down the road. It was a great day for a run. I did 6 miles. My back is a little sore because of my new shoes. I haven't broke them in good yet. I may sit out tomorrow. I joined a few challenges and training routines on I can upload my running info and it will keep up with whatever training I choose. It's pretty cool. One of the challenge groups is for the Bridge Run.

I got a fortune cookie the other day that I think applies to several things going on for me right now. I taped it to the doorkey I use for work. It says: "Your problem just became your stepping stone. Catch the moment."

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Juliet said...

I agree! Today was amazing! Love what the fortune cookie said... that could apply to a couple things in my life too.