Sunday, January 25, 2009

Darn Caleb!!!!

This guy I work with, Caleb (who's a smoker BTW) has been coughing up lungs for weeks. He's always sick and I've been avoiding him at all costs and using hand sanitizer and Lysol like an addiction. Well, that wasn't enough! This morning I woke up and my throat felt like someone had rubbed it with sandpaper all night. I've barely got a voice.

Anyone know where I can get a big plastic bubble??? Or a good work at home job? Or how about a new job for Caleb!!! Maybe he needs a plastic bubble.


We didn't go to church today. Wes is avoiding me so he won't get sick. I'm on my fourth episode of Alias. It's only 3:00. He went and got me some medicine. I'm feeling a little better.

Next week is Dad's birthday! He'll be 53. Next week is also the twins birthdays. They'll be 10. There birthday party is Saturday. Adam's birthday is the week after that.

Thinking about getting a bicycle......

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