Thursday, April 30, 2009


Not much going on this week. I'm still practicing my German...

"Eine junge Frau hat launges haar."

"Es ist dwei ohr."


I ran on Monday. It's too hot!! I rode the bike around the neighborhood yesterday. I want to ride to work, but it's now 85 degrees at 1pm everyday. Too HOT!!!! I was going to run this morning, but was too lazy to get up... Must go tomorrow......... I'm doing good with not eating as much sweets. I'm sticking to gum and the occasional RingPop!! No cookies.. no cakesters (i ran out this weekend), no chocolate stuff...

Wes & I walked around in the yard this morning. (It smells so great!!!) This weekend, I think we are going to clean out some flower beds and weed. His watermelon and canteloupe plants are growing pretty good. He'll probably plant them in the next week or so.

LOST was excellent last night... Did anyone else see the Flash Foward promos?? We fast-fowarded through commercials, so I only caught one. There were 5. Wonder what that's about????

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