Sunday, April 26, 2009

drei, zwei, eins, null !!

Anybody?? Thanks to Rosetta Stone, I can now count in German!!

Eins... Zwei... Drei... Vier... Funf... Sechs... Sieben... Acht... Neun... Zehn


Today was a good day. A good weekend actually. Yesterday, I ran 6 or so and then hung out around the house mostly. I had planned to install RS (Rosetta Stone), but ended up defragmenting the computer first and that took all night. Today, Papaw was at church, so Mom & Dad came as well. Afterwords, Wes had to go to work - :( - while we went to Cracker Barrel. Uncle Johnny was in town from Colorado Springs (HEY UNCLE J!!!) and ate with us.

Then I went to Bonita and ran the trails. A guy I work with has been doing them for a while and keeps talking about how "great" it is. (I haven't been back there in a while.) So I decided to try it. It was an experience. Just like the roads here in town, the place was not marked all that well. So yes, I did loose my way a bit.... I started out okay. I chose the bike/hiking trail instead of the gravel roadway. I thought it would be fun. It was... Until about two miles in, I was jogging along, enjoying myself with my music going. All of a sudden I hear this shuffling noise and look down at a big black snake about 5 feet in front of me, heading across my path and down the hill. (I ended up seeing another snake and I also scared off a deer.) I nearly peed on myself. From then on, I kept watching the brush around me and listening for other unwelcomed animals... That was my first (only, really) mistake. I'm trucking along and I come to a turn, stop for a second for some water and look up and see a green marker. What??? I had been following the blue markers! Somehow I missed a turn or something, and ended up on a different trail. Oh well. I'd rather be on the wrong trail then no trail at all. So, I don't know how long I was on the green trail, so I decide to keep going. A couple miles later, I come down a hill and there is about 4 feet of slush and mud. Then I noticed the huff prints... I was on the horse trail!!! Great! So I have to find a way to get over this mud hole. I trot through the brush to get around it. No problem. Well, long story short, there were about 6 more of those low places in the trail with water, mush and mud. One of them was basically a creek! Luckily there was a big tree that had fallen over it, so I walked across it. I wasn't all that lucky though. I sank my shoes in the mud a few times! They aren't so new looking anymore. ( I washed them twice with oxyclean and color-safe bleach... Still brown!) I wandered around the horse trails for a long time before I found "civilization" (the gravel road). I decided to stick to the road... Turns out I wasn't that far off the bike path. I was about 4 miles from my car. Anyway, I was fun! I'll probably do it again... I'll watch for the markers a little more closely though!!

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Anonymous said...

The kids and I walked the gravel trail Sunday afternoon an encountered a big black snake on it also -- they thought it was cool - I did not!
Melissa Laurence