Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life on ABC....

I don't know if anyone has been watching "Life On Mars" on ABC. It began this season. It looked promising. It's about a NY cop who gets hit by a car and appears to be in some type of dream-like state. In reality he's in a coma. He is "transported" back to 1973. He lives in '73, still working as a cop. He meets his 7 year old self and his parents... He remembers career criminals, etc. It was pretty good for a while, but apparently the ratings weren't good. It eventually got cancelled, but ABC allowed them to create a finale. It aired last night. It was absolutely terrible!!! (Worse than the 4400) The story ended up with him and his '73 cop friends actually being astronauts traveling to (that's right) Mars in 2035. They're put in a sleep chamber for the journey and their vitals monitored. Only the main character has some kind of issue with something and his dreams trail off to 2008 and then to 1973. It was a really off-the-wall way of ending the show. It was so sudden and completely ridiculous! (You can watch in on

Anyway, We're leaving tomorrow for the BRIDGE RUN!!! I'm so glad to be getting out of here for a few days!! Can't wait!!

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Good luck at your race!
Melissa Laurence