Sunday, April 19, 2009

Going Hog Wild....

This weekend was pretty eventful. On Friday, Wes went to Hudson's and found ROSETTA STONE!! He got me the German version! I can't wait to start learning it!!

On Saturday morning, we woke up early and went to Philadelphia for the Hog Wild Run. Don't look at the results. I was LAST in my age division. It wasn't a big race so before I was worried about it. I didn't want to be the last finisher. When we got there, my anxiety got worse because it started to rain pretty heavily. I began to regret signing up for the 10K. (There was also a 5K) I ran the first two miles in the Rain! It wasn't that bad actually. Except for one serious hill that nearly did me in!! I made it though. Luckily there were about 6 or 7 people behind me. But the good thing is, I DID BEAT MY BRIDGE RUN TIME! By 4 seconds!! I didn't realize it until I searched for the results. 1:02:37. I am determined to get under an hour.... We'll see if I can do it.... Here's the pics that Wes took. (He was going to walk it, but didn't want to because of all the rain.)

After the race, we walked around the Ham Jam Festival (not much too it)... They were having a BBQ contest I think, but they weren't selling any! So everyone's walking around smelling this awesome BBQ smells and there was none! It was quite upsetting. Instead, we had a Pork Kabob and a funnel cake.
When we came home we went to Quitman for a quick visit to Wes' parents and Grandmother. (Wes' step-sister Kelly is pregnant again!) Then we went to Mom & Dad's for a fish fry. Dad bought a new 4-wheeler last week and was showing it off. Wes has never driven one before. He was cute!!

So then on Sunday we went to church. Wes hasn't been in like a month since he's been working at the airport. The outreach program is really working! They've sent two postcards to Wes and they've even called once to say they missed him. The call and the postcards are from people we don't know.... Anyway, after church, Mom and I went to Pearl for Josh & Amy's bridal shower.
We also drove over to Michael's and I got three new poster frames for my Bridge Run Posters!! I can't wait to hang them up....

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