Monday, April 6, 2009

Bridge Run 2009

Yeah!! 1:02:41!!! I was # 4737. I beat my best 10K time. I wanted to finish under and hour, but that was a stretch. I'm still happy with it though!! We had a great time! The weather was great. It was chilly while we were waiting for the race to start, but once the sun came up and we started going, it was perfect. We took the shuttle buses over the bridge to the start. We got there around 5:45am... more than 2 HOURS before race time! Sounds ridiculous, but with 35,000 people converging on the same place at once and only two ways to get there, it's necessary. Anyway, we ate Dunkin Donuts (I ate a banana) and sat around to wait....

These are the RFID chips.

Wes wore his "got gas" shirt... :)

When it was time to get in line, Pete and I went further up where we were seeded. We could see the start line. It still took us a few minutes to get to cross the start. The pics below are from Mom's camera. They were walking and could see the large crowd ahead as the got to the bridge.

After the race, I ran into Tracey and Harve from Channel 5. I saw Tracey on Friday night at the Expo as well. I walked around for a bit and then found Pete and we waited for everyone else to finish. Pete finished before me at 50:27. (#2405)

Here's Mom near the finish line.

On Friday night, we ate at Barbara Jean's (Best crab cakes EVER!) On Saturday, we were all exhausted from waking up at 4am two days in a row, so we ate a late lunch/early dinner at Gilligan's (great seafood) and crashed at Pete & Kelly's and watched "Seven Pounds". Excellent Movie... Later we got ice cream at Coldstone and then went to bed. Mom, Wes & I left on Sunday around 11am. In Atlanta, we ate at Qdoba. (We found it using the GPS. I had no idea where we were) After lunch, we went to IKEA.......

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yanasina said...

I don't know, but I am guessing Kelly is not a morning person! Something in her expression reminds me of me at that time of day - unless I've stayed up all night that is.