Friday, April 4, 2008

Angel Fish & Rain

Papaw is doing better, however he is still in the hospital. He can't go home until they get the level of blood thinners in his system down and they are still doing various tests. He should be home sometime this weekend or Monday. I have decided to "get sick" and take a trip down there. Since our vacation/sick time has changed, I can't just say I want a day off and since he isn't my "dependent," I'm not supposed to use a sick day. (I feel the flu coming on-cough-cough) Bobby & Masayo are coming with the twins on the 23rd. I am going that weekend! Can't wait!!! Please continue to pray for him.

Yesterday, Wes and I went downtown to the Bridge Run Expo. The race is tomorrow and we went to get my chip and number. We got a bunch of free food and junk. We "won" two loaves of bread and "spun the wheel" for Chick-Fil-A coupons. I also got a t-shirt to wear for the race. It's an Alzheimer's Association shirt. The race is tomorrow. I haven't been to the gym in over a week. Hopefully, I won't pass out! I'm hoping to beat last years time, but I'm not betting on it. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. I'm stopping at Wes's station (around mile 2). He's going to have the Nikon camera and will be taking pictures of the Kenyans, wheelchair racers and the crowds. I'm taking the handheld camera and I'll take pictures as well. There are over 40,000 people running tomorrow! I'll post the pics this weekend. I'm looking forward to just running. I have a lot of stress to let out.

After the Expo, We ate at a new (to us) place downtown. It's called the East Bay Deli. (Really Good!) Then we went to the fish store and got a new fish. We got an Angel Fish for our community tank. Ours looks similar to this one, but smaller. He should get a little larger.
We also found out this week that there is a new Walgreens being built a few miles from our apartment!! The closest one we currently use is 15 minutes away, through big, busy intersections. Usually, there's a pharmacy on every corner, but not near our area. The new one is going up near a new business park being built near the Navy Base. Wes is proud of this because he used to work at Walgreens.

(HERE YOU GO MOM!) We also noticed the "AW" signs out on our way home. This is "code" for an Army Wives shoot. They were pointing to the Navy Base. We drove down there and they had lights pointing at the windows of one of the buildings and had the road blocked off. There were dozens of production trailers and we could see the Actors trailers lined up as well. That means that they were shooting scenes with the main characters from the show. (The lights pointed towards the windows are for simulated sunlight.)

We have a double header on Sunday. I put a list on the right side to keep up with our wins/losses. Pete & Kelly won't be there because they are going to the Hockey game in Atlanta with Mom & Dad. With the bridge run AND two softball games this weekend, I will be stealing the wheelchair from Jason on Monday (he has a broken foot).

I'm also not looking forward to next week. Since we are still shorthanded (the newbies just started this week), I have to do three hours on Monday and Tuesday. On top of doing three hours, I have to train the new director at the same time. My brain has had enough.

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