Tuesday, April 8, 2008

another clever title with tidbits in it....

Sunday's softball games were cancelled because the fields were too wet. We're not scheduled for a game this weekend, but I don't know if they will try to make up the missed ones or not. We'll see.

My time is posted on the bridge run website. My chip time is 1:11:27. My gun time was 1:16:34. This means that I started the race approximately 5 minutes after the gun went off. My stopwatch times was 1:09:24. Compared to my chip time, I stopped and talked to Wes for approx. two minutes. There was also an event photographer there. When the pictures are posted, I can search for my number and buy a copy if its worth it. That is if they took one.
Wes and I are doing a race together this weekend!! The Gift of Life 5K is Saturday morning. We did it last year as well. It starts at 8am. Wes doesn't have to be at work until 10, so he's able to do it with me. It's in a county park a few miles from here. I'm excited about it because it's in a nice park. The track winds around wooded paths and lakes. Plus Wes will be there!!!

Papaw is home from the hospital. I just talked to him actually. He's okay. Just a bit out of sorts from coming and going. Mom and Ken have been staying with him at night until he gets settled. Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and prayers.

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