Monday, April 7, 2008

Extra Pics.....

Here's me and Brandon (my 5Am producer) at the start line before the race. He was the field producer for the start line truck.

Our Softball team. This was taken last week at our first game. It was really cold that day and our game ended around 7:30pm. We were the last ones there.

Front L-R: ?(friend of someone), Liz(friend), Michelle(w/white shirt on, am crew), Jennie (7am producer), Maggie (am crew), Craig Lloyd (Photographer)

Back L-R: Me, Pete, Ed (Photographer), Kelly, Andy (Sports Anchor), Marcos (in Blue hat-am Photographer), Matt (Photographer), Scott (photographer & COACH), Garren (engineer), Scott's Dad (Coach - don't know his name)

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yanasina said...

I am so old, seriously, Brandon looks like he's about 14! Ok, maybe 16.

grats on the run!