Friday, April 18, 2008



Bobby and Masayo & the twins are coming home next week. I'm (uh uh) sick on Friday. I'm driving down there on Thursday after work. I can't wait!! I'm in desperate need of a vacation!

Okay, I know I'm not the greatest softball player, but it's become increasingly obvious that I have become "that girl." You know, the "older" one who's loyal to the team, is always there and never complains?? (Well, until now.) Since it's a co-ed team and you legally have to have at least 5 girls on the field, they just through one of "us" in the catcher's position. I have been the catcher for every game. All last season and this one. I sit back there and listen to the umpire rant about having to be there on a Sunday and watch as everyone else makes plays and has a good time. I'm tired of it. I am perfectly okay with putting better players in more important positions, but when we are winning by 20 points, it would be nice to be given a chance to do something else. Oh yeah, on a less selfish note, we won both games last week, while playing with only four girls. If we are short one player (at least 5 of each is the minimum), we have to take an "out" every time we bat. So basically we are playing with two outs while the other team plays with three.

Wednesday, Wes and I went back to Barbara Jean's in Mt. Pleasant. I Love Crab Cakes!!! On Thursday we went shoe shopping. (HEHEHE) Wes is a lot pickier than me!! It took him a lot longer than me to pick out his shoes!! (About a dozen pairs and 3 or 4 stores!!) And he says he hates shopping!! I told him I was going to say that!!! :) :) :) :)
We're trying to decide where to fly to for our vacation. (IT'S TWO MONTHS FROM TODAY!!!!) We might fly into another country and take a train into Germany. We're thinking Amsterdam, Zurich or Brussels. It depends on how full the flights are.


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