Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Bridge Run Pics

These are the pictures that Wes took yesterday morning. I only took about 45 or so. He took 144 pics!

These are the "Kenyans." The runners that are wearing yellow numbers are the Elite runners. Most of them are invited to participate. In the above picture, number 3 was the winner. Number 1 was last years winner. He placed fourth this time.

The girl wearing "F6" was the female winner.

The blue numbers are the next group. These are the ones that had to prove their projected finish time in order to get into the group/shoot. Some marathons require a qualifying time in order to participate, like the Boston Marathon.

Here are some more folks dressing up. Batman and a "Hooters" girl. Notice the little boy in behind them. I feel old and out of shape now.

The green & red numbers are the next group. Numbers are mostly in order, but if you registered the day before, you get whatever number is available. There were a few red numbers in the 40,000's. (Here's Superman)

Here come the masses.

Here's a banana! They actually raise money for a Cancer Center. They run their own charity race within the Bridge Run. They call it the Banana Run. There were about a dozen of them. The Bridge Run is not a charity race, but when you register, you can donate money to one of 6 local charities (Alzheimer's, Cancer Society, Semper Fi fund, etc.)

Here I come!!! I'm wearing a purple shirt with the word "MOVE" on the front and a yellow cap.

I had just poured water on myself. The beginning of my cell phone's near-death experience.

Two guys running in honor of the US Marine Corps overseas.
They diverted us up the left side of the bridge. This is from the front of Wes' station. The local car dealerships used their front "yard" to advertise by parking about a dozen new cars. There was also a big Red Bull arch on the other side of the bridge, as well as the radio stations throughout the race. There were runners wearing "ads" on their shirts for various bars and restaurants (like Follow me to...).

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