Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Army Wives

Watching this weeks Army Wives really reminded me of the recent local debates about the Sofa Super Store fire memorial. The city purchased the land to build a big memorial park and there was talk of some type of museum or something as well. Unfortunately, there's a fairly new firefighter's museum in North Charleston. The land cost over a million dollars. There is controversy in the community because some people think it's a waste of money. The firefighters have inadequate equipment (which is partially to blame for their deaths) and low pay and they should use the money to fund better equipment. I kind of agree with both sides. I think their should be some type of memorial. I mean, nine people died there. But on the other hand, the property is pretty large for a memorial. Plus, some of the families of the fallen nine feel like they need to use the money to improve the fire departments. If you think about it from a business standpoint, I wouldn't want to build a new business there. It just wouldn't seem right. So what else could the city do but put a memorial there??

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