Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our house...

I took some pics of the house this morning while Wes was asleep. His regular schedule includes working overnight master control on Fridays. I got up and picked some figs this morning. Carl (coworker and lifelong friend of the family) came by and got some. I have to work today. Just the newscasts though.

The fish were hiding in the back I guess. The snail is on the left in the back near the wood. The wood set out of the water so long that it was dried out and floated when we put it in the water. We had to put the rocks on top of them to hold them down. They'll get waterlogged in a week or so.

When we were little we used to spend the summers here with Mamaw & Papaw. Laura, Becky & Josh would come over for several weeks as well and we would have a blast together! We would all ride the tricycle down the road and play ball in the yard. One day, Pete, Laura and I wrote "___ was here" on the side of the house. It's right below the kitchen window in the back. I don't know what we used, but after 20+ years, it's still there! I colored the one white brick and we all wrote out names on the bricks above it.... Just kids having fun. Brings back a lot of happy memories everytime I see it. The tricycle is in the laundry room. Uncle Ken is going to take it to their house, since they have grandkids now (Becky is due any day now!!)

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