Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yesterday, Wes & I went to Patriots Point to see what we missed the last time. I didn't take very many pics. I've been so anxious and stressed this week. I guess all the moving and packing has taken a toll on me. I haven't been sleeping good this week and I am feeling it. Every room in our apartment is packed with boxes and stuff everywhere. All day yesterday, I was all jittery and impatient. I feel it today too. I'm going to take the day off from packing and have a nice long soak.

The other day I took some pictures of Phoebe while I was packing. She was enjoying her new "obstacle course" in our living room.

On Sunday, we attempted to finish our softball game that was previously rained out. We played an inning and a half and then....the bottom fell out. It came a flood. (I managed to take a few pics.) So it got rained out again. We're still losing. (13-9 I think) We are supposed to (hopefully) finish the game and continue the tournament July 13. Unfortunately, I won't be there because that's our moving weekend.

When we move, we're not going to have cable or internet (darn) for a while, so I won't be updating this as often... But I'll do my best...

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