Friday, July 25, 2008

Not much going on.....

I've been slow to blog lately. There's not much going on. Actually there is, just nothing interesting. But I'll write it anyway, since I'm here.... We've set up the fish tank. Surprisingly, we didn't loose any fish during the move. The fish sat in their temporary home for over a week. We replaced the rock substrate with sand. Phoebe knows exactly where her feather toys are. She sits in the hallway in front of the closet door and whines and tries to get to the doorknob until one of us gets it out. She's so spoiled.

I've been over to see Papaw a few times, and he's been over here some as well. He's super excited that we're in the house now. Mom brought him over the other day to pick some figs and look at the pear trees. The pears will be ready to pick in a few weeks. The tree's branches are so heavy right now, some are splitting. I remember when we were kids, Papaw would load up the truck with tons of pears and driving around to his friends houses' who wanted some. He used to get out there and beat the tree and we would help pick them up. The purple-leafed plum trees we used to climb are gone. They either died or fell in a storm. There used to be a few large trees in the front yard, but Katrina knocked down all but one. Papaw's garden area is still there, although it's a little smaller now and nothing's planted. Hopefully, we will be able to change that soon.

Work is going pretty well. I'm slowly getting the swing of things and so is Wes. This week we've been getting re-acquainted with the routine. I started directing my second day there.

This weekend we are going to look at freezers..... Exciting I know!

Now you can wake up....


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