Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Going Away Lunch

We had a going away lunch today at Gilligan's after work... Several folks were there from the morning shows.. This first pic is of me & Johnny, the AM audio guy. He's in the reserves and is on his two-week service starting this week. He's in Biloxi and may help us move in if he can get up there....

Me, Michelle (audio/deko), Jenny (producer), & Kristy (producer) All of us are on the softball team together.

Chad Watson (Weather) and his wife Nancy

Michelle & Jenny

Kristy, Dave (Master Control), Jason (audio/deko)

Kristy, Dave, Jason and Garren (engineer) on the end. Garren got a Charleston coffee table book and got everyone to sign it for me. It was a great gift!

Chad and Bill Walsh (weather) in the background.

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