Saturday, July 19, 2008


I've managed to chill out a bit and take a break from my pointless attempts at making a dent in the number of boxes that are piled up in my house. Every where I turn, I seem to find more that I hadn't realized existed. How did we accumulate so much stuff? Wes's question is, "How did we fit all this stuff into a two bedroom apartment?"

Our move went smoothly. We packed everything on Friday. Jonathan, Pete & Kelly along with two guys from work, Dave and Jason, came out to help us. As soon as we were through and sitting down, the bottom fell out of the sky. On Saturday, we left around 6am, got here around 4:30pm and slept at mom's house. Sunday, Wes' Dad and Jonathan came to help along with my parents and a couple and their son from the church. Everything worked out pretty well, I think. (Thanks to everyone who helped!!! You guys are awesome!)

This week, we have managed to unpack the kitchen, although there are still a few boxes of christmas stuff that will need to be moved into the laundry room, which we haven't cleaned out yet. The office is the worst room in the house for my anxiety issues. The door to the kitchen is blocked by boxes and junk, so we have to walk through the living room to get to the kitchen. The extra bedroom is a mess. Our bedroom is liveable, but only if I sleep facing the wall. Part of the problem is we have moved into a partially furnished house, so we have to rethink our furniture placement. It's also the fact that we are working now, and time is valuable. I have come home from work for dinner and cleared a box or two. Today, I put the DVD's in the entertainment center.

Tomorrow, we are going to Lowe's to purchase a few improvement things (a new garbage disposal, new locks/doorknobs, possibly a freezer, a new pedestal sink for one of the bathrooms, baskets for the closet shelves, etc). This house is old and in great shape. A few things need to be cosmettically upgraded. It's a project for Wes & I. We also have a decent sized yard to take care of. Luckily, our neighbors have been here for 30+ years (I used to sell them girl scout cookies) and are more than welcome to come over and pick from the fig and pear trees. That helps. I learned today that one of our neighbors is a Meridian cop, so that's comforting.

Work is well, work. As I probably predicted before, it is a pretty hefty culture shock, going from big city fast, hard news with 5 live trucks with 9 shows a day to the slow paced life that is Mississippi. I will enjoy it one day, but right now I'm still adjusting my eyes to the smaller amount of monitors in the control room. In Charleston, NOT going live was an odd thing. Here, going live is stressful on all parties. Everyone was pulling their hair out while I'm wondering what all the fuss is about. I'm used to it, but everyone else isn't. It will take me a while to get used to that, as well as only having one channel of Deko, running the deko myself, along with timing the show myself as well. Wade says that when he came back, it took him a while to feel comfortable again. Not much has changed, except everyone in production are new. Carl is still there, offering fatherly advice about life and careers, as he did for me four years ago. We talk about books a lot. (He taught my mother algebra in high school. He remembers when I was born). The main news anchors are still there...John, Tom, Wade, Andrea, Lindsey. I got many hugs on Tuesday. It was more of a reunion than a first day of work. I also ran into an old college classmate today. (Haven't ran into anyone at Walmart yet, although I've only been once.)

Phoebe is settling nicely. Since we don't have a second floor anymore, we don't leave our blinds open all the time. She doesn't like that. Her world is still changing because we are slowly eliminating her hiding places by getting rid of boxes and organizing and such. She did hide under the bed in the back bedroom for about 2 days.

That's about it for now. I haven't taken any pics in a while. I'll post some of the house soon....


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